To the editor:

Sep 282004

I’ve got to hand it to the CSU College Republicans for

continuing their tried and true record of reactionist complaining.

I thought the GOP always accused the left of playing the victim?

Damaging (or perhaps destroying) professor Steven Helmericks’

career, in spite of the fact that “he immediately apologized” for

his remarks, is heinous and reprehensible.

While I haven’t taken one of his classes and cannot comment

first-hand on the alleged bias of professor Helmericks, I do

believe that professors have the right to be free from the Gestapo

tactics employed in the name of “unbiased teaching.” Talk about the

pot calling the kettle black; totalitarianism and censorship are

traditionally “right-wing” ideas. There are appropriate channels

for dealing with this (which initially were taken by Heather

Schmidt in talking to the department chair). And as for harassment,

I think being offended by someone’s opinion pales in comparison to

fearing for one’s life.

I challenge the CSU College Republicans to do something

proactive for once: Sponsor a proxy debate, sponsor a public forum

on political issues, or something of the like. If you truly believe

that your positions on issues are the right ones, how about using

logic and honest methods to express them? Walking all over people

who you can get enough hype up about is no way to go about

furthering your own “political agendas.”

Tim Bessler


computer information systems/German


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To the editor:

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Sep 282004

Our View, by Collegian Editorial Staff on Monday, states,

regarding alcohol consumption by students, that “…not everyone

who drinks is doing it irresponsibly.”

My observation is that the exceptions may be exceedingly few. In

the years when I taught a nutrition class for non-majors and

conducted nutrition research requiring records of food and beverage

intake, whenever alcoholic beverages appeared on the diet records,

they were consumed in excess, with only one exception to this

pattern. While the vast majority of student diet records indicated

no alcohol consumption, my impression was that of the college

students who did consume alcohol, virtually all binged.

Barbara A. Smith, Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty

Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

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