Sep 282004
Authors: Tom Magee

Andre Heinz, stepson of Democratic presidential candidate Sen.

John Kerry, spoke Thursday at CSU. The headline in Friday’s

Collegian stated, “Kerry’s stepson urges students to add voices to

the race.” This statement is very disturbing given the recent

actions of the Democratic Party with regards to its attempts to

limit voter choice.

Yes, it is true. As the Democrats come here and wave their red,

white and blue flag of democratic patriotism, behind the scenes

they are participating in a truly gutless campaign of frivolous

lawsuits and intimidation against the independent candidate, Ralph


Their strategy is twofold. First, remove Nader from as many

state ballots as possible, regardless of whether or not there is

legitimate, legal cause to do so. Second, by filing frivolous

lawsuits (nearly all of which have been fought and won by Nader and

his supporters), they are forcing the Nader campaign to spend

countless dollars on legal protection. This hurts Nader and his

campaign especially because, unlike his Democratic and Republican

counterparts, Nader accepts no money from big business or lobbying

groups. All funds for the Nader campaign come from concerned

individuals who are fed up with the status quo in Washington. How

can the Democratic Party and its supporters be so two-faced?

Fighting to limit voter choice is an abomination of democracy and

anyone who calls themselves a patriotic American should be

absolutely disgusted with this behavior.

Clearly, the Democratic Party is currently in a state of

disrepair and chaos. Too afraid to take a stand on critical issues,

it instead chooses to offer the American public rhetoric and

propaganda in the place of a solid political platform. Too afraid

to debate Nader in an open forum, the party instead wants to derail

his campaign using lawyers and corrupt judges appointed by their

Democratic allies.

Furthermore, I would like to vehemently encourage all young

people at CSU to get a copy of the U.S. Constitution as soon as

possible. Read it. In particular, I would like you to read the U.S.

Constitution’s War Powers Act (article 1, section 8). It states

that the power to decide whether or not to go to war is vested

exclusively in the U.S. Congress. The U.S. Congress never voted for

the Iraq war. Congress voted for a resolution in October 2002 that

transferred to the president the decision-making power of whether

to launch a first-strike invasion of Iraq – a violation of the

constitutional requirement for a declaration of war by


What kind of leadership is that? I sure as hell did not

authorize my representatives in Congress to spinelessly transfer

the most powerful, deadly, destructive tool that they are granted

under the Constitution into the hands of one man in another branch

of the government. While I believe firmly that there is more than

enough evidence to impeach President Bush with respect to the

illegal war and occupation of Iraq, I must also say that any member

of Congress who voted to transfer this deadly authority into the

hands of one man should be tried for treason. Kerry was one of

those men and now he wants to be the president of our country.

His actions are even more disturbing if you consider the fact

that he was involved firsthand in Vietnam. How could you experience

the atrocities of an unjustified war that was completely lacking in

public support, and then vote to send our young people of today

into the same demise? The actions of both Congress and the

president, with respect to this issue, remind me more of a high

school student council than a top-level democratic government that

is supposed to stand for the people.

Please, students of CSU, do not be fooled by the colorful

rhetoric you see every day on campus. Open your minds and hearts to

fresh, new ideas and never be afraid to stand alone for what you

really believe. You do not have to vote for a two-faced Democrat or

a war-mongering Republican. You have the power to vote for change,

progress and justice for all people.

Tom Magee

Class of 2002

Campus Coordinator, Students for Nader 2004

Tom Magee may be contacted at

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