Sep 262004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

“The Forgotten” is worth seeing, at least to be able to talk

about it with other moviegoers. Despite its flaws, “The Forgotten”

is interesting enough to keep anyone’s attention, and is guaranteed

to keep the audience wondering.

Telly, played by Julianne Moore, has been dealing with the loss

of her 8-year-old son for over a year. One day her psychiatrist,

played by Gary Sinise tells her that she never really had a son and

all the memories of him are made up.

Telly discovers a man who is going through the same thing she


Ash Correll, played by Dominic West, once had a daughter. He

forgot about her until Telly came and reminded him of her.

From this point movie gets more and more weird, which is hard to

imagine, since it starts out with a woman being told she imagined

the last eight years of her life.

After a while Telly’s own husband doesn’t even remember her.

Telly and Ash team up to try and find their forgotten


The beginning of the movie is intriguing because the plot could

go in so many directions. The film is unpredictable, not because of

clever writing or a plot twist, but because it’s just too strange

to predict.

Moore plays a perfect distraught mother, despite a few cheesy

lines. The writing in the movie is a bit under par, making the

dialogue seem too melodramatic at times. West and Moore make up for

the script problems with their acting, but the two of them could

not carry the entire movie.

“The Forgotten” is full of surprises and full of scenes that

just leave the audience saying “what?”

The beginning of the movie is fascinating and the acting is

wonderful, but after an hour, the movie begins its descent into


Ram Rating: Two out of four

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