Sep 262004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Most zombie movies are sort of funny – not on purpose

necessarily, but more so because zombies are just goofy and the

stories in most zombie movies are just plain bad.

“Shaun of the Dead” makes fun of these zombie movie traits to

make a movie that is described by its makers as a “romantic comedy,

with zombies.” The producers took this description and ran with it,

making this comedy one to die for.

Shaun, played by Simon Pegg, is stuck in a rut; he works in an

appliance shop and spends almost every night at his favorite pub,

the Winchester.

Shaun and his roommate Ed are the movie’s heroes, fighting the

undead by throwing records and taking pictures of them. Battling

hoards of bloodthirsty zombies is only half the fun. Watching Shaun

and Ed run around town trying to destroy zombie brains is hilarity

in itself.

But for those not into the whole zombie-horror,

I’ll-kill-you-with-a-shovel-you-dirty-dead-person movie genre,

there is a romantic flare to the plot.

Shaun’s girlfriend, Liz, played by Kate Ashfield, breaks up with

Shaun because she wants something more than spending every evening

in the same pub. Shaun spends the rest of the movie trying to win

back Liz’s heart.

Don’t expect to see anything like “Scary Movie,” or other horror

parodies. “Shaun of the Dead” has much smarter humor than the

average parody movie, and it doesn’t rely on cheap jokes to keep

the audience entertained.

Shaun and Ed are two of the most lazy, distracted and hilarious

zombie fighters to ever appear in a movie.

“Shaun of the Dead” takes a tired film genre and adds some life

to it by turning it into a comedy. Both comedy fans and zombie

movie fans will enjoy “Shaun of the Dead.”

Ram Rating: Three out of four

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