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Sep 262004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Photographs of CSU and University of Colorado-Boulder students

drinking on Thursday and Friday nights splattered the front page of

Saturday’s Rocky Mountain News and Sunday’s Denver Post.

Many underage students were shown drinking in the photographs.

Although the drinking was illegal, one of the articles noted that

the students did not leave the private residence or drive while

under the influence, which is at least a somewhat responsible


Thursday night hosted several house parties, as it usually does,

but it also had many students packed into the library studying.

Neither the Denver Post nor the Rocky Mountain News mentioned the

amount of students who weren’t drinking.

Drinking alcohol isn’t isolated to Colorado schools, it is a

nationwide problem with recent focus on Colorado. Recent events

have shown that drinking is a problem on college campuses; however,

the coverage has made it appear that all students are part of the


Drinking is a part of college culture. It will continue to

occur, but not everyone who drinks is doing it irresponsibly. The

coverage highlights the number of students who are binge drinking

and does not mention much about the number of students who

participate in other activities in their spare time.

The problem is real, but the recent coverage has sensationalized

the subject and not given an accurate portrayal of what college

life is really like.

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