To the editor:

Sep 232004

I must say that I am somewhat saddened that there were not many

responses to how people felt about Sept. 11. This event has become

a major headstone in our history now, and barely anyone voiced any

feelings about that day at all. I was also a little disheartened

that almost all of the news about that day was only on the Twin

Towers and that there was nothing on the attack on the Pentagon and

the crash in Pennsylvania.

Although the plane crashes into the Twin Towers were sad, tragic

and the largest impact on America on Sept. 11, 2001, I think it is

still important to remember the Pentagon crash and the plane that

crashed in Pennsylvania. In my opinion, the Pentagon crash had just

as large of an impact as the towers. Since I grew up in Maryland,

only an hour and a half from D.C., this crash had a much bigger

impact on my life than the towers.

My father was scheduled to have a meeting in that exact part of

the Pentagon that very morning. Fortunately, by God’s grace, the

meeting was pushed back to the afternoon and my father remained

safe on a navel base. Sadly enough, he still knew many people who

had been killed on that fateful day.

I also think it is very important to remember the bravery of the

men and women on the Pennsylvania flight. Had they not taken

actions into their own hands, who knows how many more people

could’ve been killed. Their courage and self-sacrifice should not

go unremembered. All I ask is that when you remember Sept. 11,

2001, that you not just think of the souls lost in the towers, but

also those lost in the other states, at different times, for the

same reasons. Sept. 11 is now a page in America’s history books;

let’s try to remember all who gave their lives that day, Lord knows

they deserve that much.

Lynsey Hill

Sophomore art history major

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