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Sep 232004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

College campuses are an untapped resource of educated


As campaigns gear more toward reaching young voters, politicians

and their supporters are coming to college campuses to speak about

their campaigns and encourage people to vote.

Tonight, presidential candidate John Kerry’s wife, Teresa

Heinz-Kerry, will be speak at CSU after a visit Thursday from

Kerry’s stepson, Andre Heinz.

We encourage students and faculty to attend these speeches and

listen to what is said. Regardless of your political views, anyone

can learn from being open-minded and hearing different viewpoints

on the issues.

Resources are available to students on campus, as well. In

addition to a new polling center in the Lory Student Center and the

opportunity to register to vote on campus, students can become

involved in partisan student organizations.

It is your choice to agree or disagree with the individual

stand-points of visiting speakers, but knowing about the issues

will help you make an informed decision at the polls in


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