CSU-MSU Game Predictions:

Sep 232004

Paul Baker (1-2)

CSU 35, MSU 14

Montana State is no match for CSU.

Scott Bondy (3-0)

CSU 31, MSU 13

It’s about time CSU gets a break in its schedule. Rams beat the

Bobcats easily.

Preston Cagle (1-2)

CSU 42, MSU 14

A hungry Ram team beats up on a weaker opponent this week.

Bobby Fernandez (1-2)

CSU 34, MSU 14

This is a must-win game for the Rams. Expect them to take out

their built-up frustration on Montana State and come away with a

big win.

Stephanie Lindberg (1-1)

CSU 21, MSU 16

Mr. Holland will remember who to throw to and Uldis will

dominate the running game.

Joelle Milholm (2-1)

CSU 33, MSU 10

As long as CSU cuts down on turnovers, this game should be in

the bag.

Jon Pilsner (2-1)

CSU 46, MSU 17

Three words: Holland and Jaunarajs. They will combine for

400-plus yards of total offense.

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