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Sep 222004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Academics are the primary function of any university, and the library is central to that purpose. Yet students cannot be expected to fully exploit this necessary resource if they can’t even find a place to sit.

Most students on campus probably could have told anyone who asked a long time ago that there wasn’t enough seating, but no one asked. Lucky for the students at CSU, the Higher Learning Commission has come to the rescue and said it for us.

In fact, CSU’s Morgan Library has been placed on a two-year probationary status by the HLC and faces losing its accreditation because of an inadequate amount of seating and insufficient resource collections for a doctoral-level institution.

To the library’s benefit, this is a very minor form of probation, and the actual risk of it losing its accreditation is relatively low; however, this is something that needed to be improved some time ago.

The library is a resource that many of us use. It is a very important part of this campus, and regardless of who actually brought the issue to light, these improvements need to be made.

We recognize the financial pressures the university is under.

However, we hope that other facilities on campus will be maintained at an acceptable level before an outside organization steps in. We don’t want to have to wait for the HLC to tell us every time that we are not up to par before improvements are made on campus.

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