Sep 212004
Authors: Nicholas LoFaro

Chevelle, “This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)”

The rock trio known as Chevelle has made a name for themselves:

three angry brothers that play screaming, yet melodic heavy metal.

On “This Type of Thinking,” their heavy guitar riffing and

powerhouse, double-kick drumming takes precedence. On “Breathe

Birth” and “The Clincher,” Pete Loeffler’s melodies correspond with

his brother’s screaming. So, for a riff-rockin,’ family band that

wears white T-shirts and jeans, they look pretty good next to the

majority of fashion and glamour-obsessed metal bands. But their

de-tuned guitar songs become repetitive throughout an album that

even at half a listen lacks dynamic sound and experimentation.

“Panic Prone” and “Bend the Bracket” show a little growth to their

repetitive sound and even contain a little calm to appreciate their


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