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Sep 212004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Not all CSU teams are losing games.

The CSU women’s volleyball team has earned itself the rank of

No.11 in the country.

The players’ hard work has earned them a record of 8-1. The

team’s success gives it the right to have spectators and supporters

at its games.

This weekend they will be playing two big Mountain West

Conference games, including Air Force on Friday and New Mexico on


Despite national recognition, the football team and other

university sports teams overshadow the volleyball team’s success at


Our football team has gotten off to a rocky start after playing

three ranked and the players still deserve our support, but teams

such as women’s volleyball, whose hard work is paying off in the

form of wins, deserve our attention as well.

This weekend CSU students and supporters should go support our

winning volleyball team. It deserves to have just as much spirit

behind it and as many fans supporting the players as other sports

teams on campus do.

We want to congratulate the volleyball players on their success

thus far and wish them luck for this weekend’s games.

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