Doubling Up on Defense

Sep 212004
Authors: Laura Epple

Vital Stats:

Name: Kimi Foytich Kathrine Whitney

Position: Setter/Defensive Specialist Defensive

Specialist/Outside Hitter

Year: Senior Sophomore

Hometown: Aurora Boulder

Random fact: Born in Honolulu, Hawaii Transferred from Seton

Hall last year

Digging vicious spikes, returning punishing jump serves and

diving into crowds to recover wayward shanks may not glean the most

attention on the volleyball court. However, every kill needs a set

up from a stellar pass – which is a specialty of both Kathrine

Whitney and Kimi Foytich.

This defensive duo displays courage and athleticism as it faces

a firing squad of attacks from sweet-swinging opponents. Whitney

and Foytich both describe themselves as intense players on the

court, but that is where their similarities end.

Passing by the women’s locker room after a volleyball practice,

people might hear Foytich – if she were to be caught singing in the

showers – serenading teammates and unsuspecting passers-by with

Gavin DeGraw, John Mayer or Maroon 5. In contrast, Whitney would be

rolling with some Stones, Hendrix or Dave Matthews.

On the fashion front, Foytich keeps it low-key by chilling in

sweats, her essential clothing item. In response to asking if she

would get a tattoo, she said that she would “no, not ever” think of

getting inked.

Whitney sports Reefs, the sandals, with particular brio. If she

were to visit a tattoo artist, she would get a “completely random”

Celtic design that her mom gave her, but she said that she “thinks

she would get sick of it in a few years.”

The two defensive specialists do agree on one thing – life

outside of school and Moby Arena is a bit nonexistent. In her few

minutes of downtime, Foytich prefers to sleep. Whitney is still

trying to fit that into her packed schedule.

Although they both enjoy Fort Collins and the community, Foytich

prefers to hang out at friends’ houses, while Whitney likes hiking

around Horsetooth Reservoir or driving up the Poudre Canyon.

When it comes to the palate, these two players both exhibit a

cultural yen. Whitney is a big fan of Mexican food, while Foytich

advocates anything Oriental.

What about life after volleyball and college?

Whitney plans to teach women’s health in the Peace Corps after


Foytich, who is pursuing a degree in biology, might like to work

in some avenue of bacteriology after taking general microbiology

with professor Erica Suchman.

“She’s like 90 pounds and makes me paranoid about touching stuff

and washing my hands,” Foytich said of her professor.

Aside from being intense on the court, Foytich describes her

playing style as “relaxed and having fun.” Her most memorable

experience playing volleyball came as a sophomore in high school

when she got to play with her older sister and win state.

Whitney said she is “loud and defensive” on the court and most

indelibly remembers serving up game point in the state finals game

as a high school sophomore.

Thus, while Foytich and Whitney display divergent propensities

and unique perspectives, these two athletes exhibit a synergistic

tenacity on the court that has helped the Rams batter opponents and

charge to a record of 8-1 this season.

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