Sep 212004
Authors: Vincent Adams

Though he bares a striking resemblance to a monkey, stir your

mind’s eye for a second and imagine George W. Bush as a pig.

Got it? Good.

Now let’s rename our hero Napoleon, since he is a fearless


When Napoleon came to power he promised us sheep a better life.

He cut our taxes, something he promised when seeking office. The

tax cuts really haven’t helped us sheep too much, though his fellow

swine have rejoiced since they get to reap the benefits.

Napoleon said we would have less government spending, but a

recent Washington Post report cited Napoleon’s $2.23 trillion

budget as the largest growth spurt since Lyndon Johnson’s spending

fest. The federal government has grown 22 percent from 1999 to


We sheep know something is wrong. We ask Napoleon and his legion

of swine about broken promises and poor leadership, but Napoleon

tells us we must be mistaken and not to question his stalwart

leadership. After all, we don’t want the terrorists to attack

again. For argument’s sake, let’s name Osama bin Laden, and

terrorism in general, Mr. Jones.

“‘Surely none of you wish to see Jones back?'”

If you haven’t read George Orwell’s masterpiece, “Animal Farm,”

then do so. Orwell tells a satiric tale using animals as metaphors

for different types of people: basically pigs, dogs and sheep.

Political leaders, or pigs, pass policy benefiting only them while

the rest of the farm animals suffer in the corrupted regime.

Our current world state, though not as extreme as in “Animal

Farm,” is very much like the bleak world presented by Orwell.

For the last four years we have let George W. Bush lead our

country. In many respects, he has run us into the dirt. The economy

is slacking and we are not living the life Bush promised, though

the pigs seem to be doing well.

With elections looming, we sheep are starting to question Bush’s

leadership. And, in true Orwellian fashion, Bush and his fellow

swine tell us we need George W. to lead us against the war on

terror. Bush’s version of Squealer, Vice President Cheney, recently

fell an inch short of blatantly telling us if we elect

Kerry/Edwards the terrorists would destroy us.

The pigs in “Animal Farm” kept the other animals in line by

using fear. When questions about policy arose, the pigs would tell

the animals not to question Napoleon because only he could protect

them from Mr. Jones, the previous farm owner whom the animals

overthrew. The animals let Napoleon continue his corrupt leadership

because they feared Mr. Jones’ return.

Now all George W. has to keep his swine butt in office is fear

of terrorism. (When you can compare your president to a bad guy in

an Orwell book you know something has to change.)

We have decisions to make for sure, and it is imperative we not

let fear grip our throats and silence our needs. Terrorism is

obviously a huge threat, but don’t let Bush hide behind Old Glory

and use fear to reelect his way to a job he doesn’t deserve.

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