To the Editor:

Sep 202004

I was extremely disappointed to hear about the decision to

suspend beer sales at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium. I would

like to know how exactly this conflicts with the alcohol task

force? By this reasoning, anyone consuming alcohol conflicts with

the task force. What is next? How about instating a policy that

bans every student from drinking alcohol until the task force has

reported its findings? The decision only appears political as it

comes in light of some media reports of the stadium increasing its

alcohol percentage. The stadium increasing its alcohol percentage

in no way suggests that our institution is not dedicated to

addressing problems of alcohol. As a senior at CSU, I can say that

former President Yates would not have done this, as he was a more

reasonable man who couldn’t be bullied by the media. I am sad to

say that I will be glad to leave this town and school in May

because I can no longer recognize it as the place I came to three

years ago.

Lucas McEachron Senior, Wildlife Biology

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To the Editor:

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Sep 202004

This letter is a response to Ken Zetye’s column about the Iraq

war being a “good idea.” Zeyte claims the war is about human

rights. This is a clever ploy used by many attempting to justify

this illegal war. We all remember the real reason was weapons of

mass destruction. Bush said it himself in his State of the Union

address. If the war were about human rights, then Bush would’ve

played the compassion card, rather than the fear card. The same

fear card played when he states, “This war is about making America

safe from terrorists that want nothing more than to kill you and

your family.” Why?

Why would anyone want to be a terrorist? Zeyte fails to mention

any of the atrocious crimes committed by the state of Israel, with

the help of our foreign aid and weaponry. Nor does he mention that

potential terrorists may remember the United States supporting

Saddam Hussein for a decade before, during and after becoming the

“Butcher of Baghdad.” Not to mention the MANY other “Butchers” the

United States has supported or empowered over the past century.

Zeyte claims he wants to bring freedom to these people. It seems

he really just wants to make these countries into little Americas,

“free” to act like we do. Which is fine, but there may be a few

people willing to set a car bomb who don’t want their country to be

a little America. Look at the government’s definition of a rogue

state; it fits the hypocritical United States perfectly.

Brandon Lehman

Junior, Engineering major

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To the Editor:

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Sep 202004

Primarily, I am writing this to correct something. The headline

for the article about the vandalism that took place outside of the

Gay. Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Services office stated

it was a student organization. The GLBTSS is not a student

organization, but a recognized advocacy office, similar to Black

Student Services and El Centro. There is a difference between the

two and I thought that should be made clear. The GLBTSS provides

resources, support and retention programs to all of the students of

the CSU campus and is separate from a student organization.

Also, the headline stated that it was a hate crime. Granted,

that did run through many people’s minds, but there is no way to

prove that that was the case. It was an act of vandalism, and we

will probably never know what instigated the individuals to do what

they did.

Hopefully, no other office on campus, advocacy or otherwise,

will have to deal with this situation again. The campus itself

should know that acts like these are juvenile and take away from

what we all came here to do.


Hadeis M. Safi

Sophomore, technical journalism major

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To the Editor:

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Sep 202004

I was compelled to write after reading Gabriel and Zachary

Dance’s guest commentary, “Sigma Pi alumni speak out” in the Sept.

14 issue of the Rocky Mountain Collegian. Being a member of the

Greek community, I believe the claim was very valid, but it lacked

supporting evidence. The logic of the argument was flawed.

There was a statement that “Penley’s decision to terminate the

fraternity as an organization has made it very clear who he deems

responsible” for Spady’s death. The argument, “Sigma Pi was neither

the exception nor the most frequent violator of CSU rules” was a

weak one because rules are made for people’s safety, and breaking

them creates consequences.

Also, the positive contributions of the fraternity: the

designated driver program and high GPA are irrelevant to the topic

at hand. It is a red herring fallacy used to divert from the real


Values and biases of a writer can influence an argument. They

can also discredit the claim. Mature reasoning is primary in

supporting ideas, not illogical arguments and fallacies.

Miles Hein

Senior, health and exercise science major

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To the editor:

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Sep 202004

This letter is in response to the recent decisions by CSU

President Larry Penley to create a “task force” for the “alcohol

problem” here at CSU and the decision to ban alcohol from being

sold inside the stadium. I do feel remorse for all of the friends

and family of Samantha Spady, but I do not agree with the events

that have followed her tragic death. First of all, how does

President Penley justify wasting my school money to make a “task

force” to determine the problems with alcohol here? Come February

when the task force renders its verdict and shares the findings of

all of its so-called research, how much money will have been wasted

to tell all of us what we already all know?

No matter what the outcome, it will not affect how much alcohol

my friends or I consume. The actions of one CSU student do not

represent the student body as a whole. Most of us who drink are

responsible and know when to say “when.” CSU is NOT the only school

in the country that has dealt with things such as these. As far as

the alcohol ban inside the stadium goes, who cares? I could never

see myself spending $5 on a cup of 3.2 percent beer and anyone who

would is a moron. At least I won’t have to worry about some stupid

drunk tossing his 3.2 percent beer in the air all over everyone

because he thinks it’s funny.

Chad Huggenberger

Sophomore, health and exercise science

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To the Editor:

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Sep 202004

The ban on beer sales at the stadium is a predictable response

by academic bureaucrats with a checked ability to think logically.

The tragedy of Samantha Spady occurred not as she watched a

football game at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium, but instead

as she ingested a fatal volume of alcohol watching a game on


Since the university limited alcohol sales to just the first

half of the football game, there are no reported alcohol poisonings

by students who stayed for the entire game.

In contrast, every game day there are numerous emergency

department visits by students for alcohol-related incidents.

However, few of these students were anywhere near Hughes Stadium on

that day. The administrators’ diminished logic skills are further

obvious when you consider that alcohol will not be banned in the

parking lots. Where exactly do the administrators presume students

consume the majority of their alcohol when attending a game?

In addition, I fully expect that alcohol will be banned only for

those fans sitting outside the clubhouse. I predict that those fans

sitting in the club level seats will not have their access to

alcohol eliminated.

Yet another hypocrisy that both clarify the class preferential

and the ineptitude of academic bureaucrats.

Greg Baldwin

Community member

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