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Sep 202004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The Associated Students of CSU is supposed to be the voice of

the students, and as such, it should be consulted on issues that

affect CSU students. The issue of banning alcohol at Sonny Lubick

Field at Hughes Stadium is an issue that affects the students, and

it was not brought to ASCSU.

What is the point of having a student government if the

administration is not going to consult them in issues of importance

to the students? Most of the students cannot possibly have their

voices heard and share their opinions. Instead, students vote for

the people who they feel can best represent them into ASCSU. To

have such a big decision as an alcohol ban put into place without

consulting the student voice is unfair.

The issue of the alcohol ban is definitely a student issue.

Students look forward to the games and are a significant portion of

the people who attend the games. Football games are an outlet for

fun and the way for fans to show their school spirit. Any changes

to this activity should be brought to the attention of people who

enjoy it so much – the students.

The students of CSU just want to feel that they are included in

decisions that impact their activities. A message that the

administration does not care what we think is sent to the students

when the ASCSU is left out of this decision. It also shows the

administration does not have enough faith in this student body to

make good choices.

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