Dear Editor,

Sep 202004

After a disappointing loss on Saturday, a large group of

students and I went back to the parking lot to get ready to head

home. Once returning to our tailgate spot, I noticed that my cooler

was gone.

It was a very old cooler with a lot of memories, along with

post-game snacks and beverages. The cooler was left in the back of

a friend’s truck. I did not think for a second that this was a bad

idea because I felt I was surrounded by friends, even though I knew

so few people there. I was disappointed at the loss of goodies, but

more importantly, I was angered by the fact that this was most

likely taken by a fellow CSU fan.

Someone was actually searching through trucks and stealing items

from others. Stealing is unacceptable as it is, but knowing that it

took place while we were cheering for the same team makes it even



Trisha Forbes

Community member

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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