Sep 202004
Authors: Jon Pilsner

Watching slow starts to each game this season, CSU head coach

Sonny Lubick had a suggestion on how to jumpstart the offense at

his weekly press conference Monday.

“Get new opponents,” Lubick said.

Addressing the media following his team’s 34-16 loss to No. 22

ranked Minnesota this weekend, Lubick talked about issues

surrounding the team, including the defense, the running back

situation and his attitude toward the team.

“In college football you cannot blame the tackle alone. You need

to have two guys covering the runner,” Lubick said of the defensive

line. “We are going to change some things, but I still think it’s

90 percent desire and 10 percent technique.”

Lubick said that while his linebackers had improved, he was

hoping for more.

“In a game like this I think the linebackers could have had a

better game,” Lubick said. “I think Courtney Jones is going to be a

fine linebacker. He is the type of individual who will


However, Lubick expressed disappointment in Jamal Hall.

“Jamal hasn’t played up to our expectations, but I think he is

improving,” Lubick said.

With the offense starting each game going three-and-out, Lubick

said the offense puts pressure on the defense to make an opening

stop – something the defense was unable to do against


Lubick also addressed the difficult schedule his team has had to

play, facing three teams from Bowl Championship Series conferences

that are a combined 9-0 this season.

“I hope that our players are smart enough to see that you always

have to play hard, no matter who the opponent is,” Lubick said. “If

you go into it and say, ‘We are going to win this game and not this

one,’ there is no point in even playing the game. We just have to

go out there and play.”

CSU Director of Athletics Mark Driscoll, who helps make the

football schedule, said scheduling is all about balance.

“Look at Utah: they have three BCS games (against Texas A&M,

Arizona and North Carolina), but they are all down,” Driscoll said.

“Then we get Southern California, Colorado and Minnesota.”

Driscoll said teams’ abilities and talent change from year to

year, as evident with Minnesota.

“When we scheduled Minnesota, they were not a bowl team,”

Driscoll said. “That is the way it goes with the BCS.”

Lubick wasn’t looking back at the schedule.

“We don’t want to go back to the future and play teams that we

have no business playing,” Lubick said. “We are too good of a

program. We are going to see if we can bounce back now.”

Lubick said that he as a coach has learned a lot, and the

experience has been good.

“Our conference is tough. We can’t forget who we are,” Lubick

said. “Let’s play who we are supposed to play and give ourselves a

chance to win seven or eight games this season.”

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