To the Editor:

Sep 192004

Hooray for President Penley and his decision to halt the sale of

alcohol at Hughes Stadium. In a place that is heavily attended by

underage college students, there is no reason that alcohol should

be available at all. There is no reason to believe that underage

kids will stop drinking – even the weekend after Samantha Spady’s

death, the CSU forums were full of people asking about where the

parties were and talking about getting drunk. I don’t believe the

majority of young people at this university have learned anything

of the dangers of drinking since Spady’s death. God forbid another

mother or father has to place a child in a grave because of a bad

choice. Unfortunately, that is something that a large number of

under-21 college students don’t think about, but every parent does

from the moment of that child’s birth. It would be nice if the kids

at CSU would take one moment to imagine this. Being a college

student requires responsibility and it is sad that Penley and the

new task force have to take on the role of parent to thousands of

kids who have been deemed old enough to live alone and yet haven’t

got the ability to take care of themselves like they should. As a

mother, I honestly hope that no other mom has to go through what

Spady’s mother just did, but I fear that, all too soon, the

hospital or morgue will be calling another mom to inform them of

yet another underage drinking problem. Hopefully the next child

will live. Will it be you or your best friend? What choices will

you be making this weekend?


Amy Meeves

History Major

Non-Traditional Student

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To the Editor:

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Sep 192004

We are outraged after hearing the news that CSU is banning

alcohol from Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium because of the

recent tragedy at the Sigma Pi house. The horrible situation

involving Samantha Spady definitely needs to be addressed and facts

need to be determined. However, Hughes is not what needs to be

addressed. We would challenge anyone to tell us that the tragedy

could have been avoided with a previous alcohol ban at the stadium.

This policy is only punishing the 21-year-old, law-abiding students

who go to games. If we remember correctly, the problem is underage

drinking, not legal 21-year-old drinking. And a sarcastic thanks to

the Associated Students of CSU for watching out for the welfare of

the students. Way to go!!

Mike Flick


Civil Engineering

Adam Gutschick



Brian Dettorre



Michelle Newton


Music Education

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To the Editor:

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Sep 192004

Several years ago, as a member of Associated Students of CSU, I

helped the student body make the case to maintain the privilege of

having beer at CSU football games. I can’t tell you how many hoops

we had to jump through, but as a season ticket holder who enjoys

having a beer at the games, I have always been glad that we were

successful. I am disappointed in the administration’s decision to

ban beer sales at Hughes Stadium. I think it is a knee-jerk

reaction that fixes nothing and punishes fans and boosters who have

plunked down good money to enjoy and support CSU athletics.

Having said that, folks, you need to get your act together! I am

embarrassed by the attention that a few idiots have garnered for

CSU – I can only surmise that there are a lot of transfers from the

University of Colorado-Boulder attending our fine institution this

year. Let’s be clear. Burning couches in the street, destroying

property and throwing things at police are never acceptable


I know these acts were committed by a small group of “bad

apples,” but the rest of the students have to take action. Speak up

when people are getting out of hand, take care of your friends and

don’t condone criminal or anti-social behavior by looking the other

way. This is what adults do.

This is what students do when they don’t want all their

privileges revoked.

I suspect that the damage is already done. The administration is

going to implement some new restrictions for students, but the only

way to minimize the restrictions is to demonstrate that it is the

responsible students, not the idiots, who are in control.

Marc Bernica

Class of 1998

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