Sep 192004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Will Polly Perkins, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sky Captain, Jude Law,

be able to save the world from Dr. Totenkopf and his evil robots?

Does anyone care?

Is it a cartoon or a live action movie? Sky Captain blurs the

lines. Everything looks like a cartoon except for the actors

themselves. Even Sky Captain’s plane is too cartoon-like to be


The concept of the movie, a comic book world with real people,

is a fun one, and hasn’t been done this way before. It’s fun for

about a half hour, but after an hour and a half the blending of

people and cartoon becomes obnoxious.

The film by Kerry Conran, incorporates many new achievements for

film. The actors were filmed in front of a Blue screen and then

added to the movie using computers. Conran has never made a

mainstream movie before, and he was able to get Law, Paltrow and

Angelina Jolie to play the leads in his film. The story is based in

the ’30s, and the plot is the usual evil scientist trying to take

over the world scenario. The only people who can stop him are Sky

Captain, the Stock Hero, and Perkins, the ambitious reporter. Don’t

expect anything too original to happen in the film.

Sky Captain is one of the weirdest movies out today. Kids will

love it, but it isn’t that exciting for a college audience. At

first it is cool to see the actors mixed with the cartoon-like

world, however the film’s trailer shows enough of the movie to

fully appreciate the technology that went into making the film.

It will be exciting to see more films by Conran, after he has

developed his story-telling ability, and combined it with his

unique movie making technique.

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