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Sep 192004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The events surrounding the tragedy of Samantha Spady’s death are

winding down, but we hope that the cause of her death remains in

the minds of everyone around here for a long time.

Alcohol abuse isn’t just a problem here at CSU. Spady’s death

may not be the only alcohol-related death in the state. A

University of Colorado-Boulder student also died Thursday night,

possibly of alcohol poisoning, in a fraternity house in


Students need to evaluate their behavior and question whether

they are gambling with their lives. Not only can alcohol abuse be

dangerous to the individual who is drinking, but it can also put

those around them at risk as well.

As time passes, people may forget the magnitude or severity of

certain events. Since Spady’s death, a lot has been done to examine

and fix the problem of binge drinking on campus and in Fort

Collins. But, as people’s memories start to fade we hope that this

issue will still be important.

An important lesson should be learned from Spady’s death. We

hope that people will continue to drink responsibly and not take

their own lives for granted.

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