Sep 192004
Authors: Daniel Linn

The recently created CSU Forums are quickly becoming a popular

way for students to meet online and receive help with life and


On Aug. 15, James Yamamoto, a senior natural resources major and

Web designer for The National Forest Service, set up the Internet

message board to become its founder and first

member. Ever since that time the board has seen many visitors and

more than 5,300 posted responses.

Yamamoto said he was tired of all the “slummy” boards across the


“I thought it would be cool to have (forums) just for CSU,”

Yamamoto said.

Within a month, the board had attracted more than 200 people, a

number that is growing daily.

“The response I got was pretty cool,” Yamamoto said. “I would

like to see at least half of the school’s population.”

Yamamoto said that the CSU Forums are “created by students,” and

that “it can be whatever they want it to be.”

CSU Forums offers forums for diverse interests; Casual talk,

evaluations of professors and landlords, sports, media and

relationship advice are among many that students may find


The forum seeks to bring students together to help each other

with life’s problems. For example, the subtitle for the “Need Help

with School?” forum reads, “Look no further, we’ve got students of

all majors and subjects.”

Other students share in the growing enthusiasm.

Charles Moore, a sophomore biology major, enjoys the camaraderie

and new ideas of the forums.

“The board for me is a great way to meet new and different

people, people that normally I’d never talk to or be friends with

because I wouldn’t have even met them,” Moore said. “It’s also a

great place to turn to for help or support in just about anything.

A ton of the people here are eager and willing to help with just

about anything.”

Evan Bangs, a junior public relations major and Air Force ROTC

cadet, encourages other students to use the message board, as he

has found it to be very useful.

“I think this board is going to be a great tool to help bridge

the students who are more shy and not quite as outgoing, as well as

provide the means for more networking among everyone else,” Bangs




Forum Topics Include:

The Lounge

Non-traditional students, freshman,

and alumni discussion

Party central and events

Rants and raves

Fine dining


Movies and TV

Current topics

Books and Poetry



The tech lounge

Need help with school?

Relationship advice

Ask the girls

Ask the guys

Lend a helping hand

Evaluation station

Buy, sell, trade, deals

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