Sep 162004
Authors: Lila Hickey

A CSU Facilities Management truck hit a bicyclist on Plum Street

near Moby Arena Thursday at approximately 12:30 p.m., according to

the CSU Police Department.

The bicyclist, who was identified as Alex Hagn, a 20-year-old

sophomore speech major, was in fair condition at Poudre Valley

Hospital Thursday night.

“I guess I have a fractured pelvis,” Hagn said. “Other than that

I’m completely (OK). I feel very fortunate that I’m alive.”

Hagn, who was riding to class when he was hit, said he was

riding his bike along Moby Arena and then “popped out onto Plum

(Street) going east.”

Hagn, who was riding in the road, said he looked back and saw a

vehicle behind him, prompting him to pull into the bike lane.

“I moved into the bike lane, ’cause (the truck driver) was kind

of slowing down,” Hagn said.

Then, he said, the truck turned right into a service drive in

front of Moby’s pool.

“He just didn’t turn his blinker on,” Hagn said.

Dave Clow, a freshman engineering student, witnessed the

incident while walking to Corbett with his roommate.

“He didn’t use a turn signal,” Clow said of the truck


As the truck cut him off, Hagn only had time for an instinctive


“I hit my breaks really hard (and I) hit my front brake, and

ended up flipping over the bike,” Hagn said.

After flipping over the front of his bike, Hagn said he was

lying with his chest on the sidewalk and his lower body in the bike

lane. The truck driver, who did not appear to see him, continued


“Right away, the duelie wheels started to go up my bike,” Hagn

said. “He stopped, and then he hit the gas, like he wondered why he

couldn’t get up. Then he stopped again, then he hit the gas. Then

someone told him I was there. He was probably on me for like 10

seconds. As soon as he went up on me I screamed ‘stop.'”

Clow did not see Hagn go under the wheels of the truck, but he

soon realized what was happening just 30-feet in front of him.

“I saw what looked like a kid underneath the truck,” he said.

“The kid started screaming.”

Then, Clow said, the driver stopped and reversed, backing over

the bicyclist.

“He had to have been backed-up over because I saw the truck hop,

and he (the driver) was never on the curb,” Clow said.

Another witness, freshman open option student Shaun Romero,


“When I saw him he was underneath the truck screaming. Then the

truck backed over the top of him,” Romero said.

The accident shocked Clow.

“I can’t believe he was backed-up over,” said Clow, who called

911. “It just looked like he was broken.”

The driver of the truck declined to comment.

“A state vehicle apparently ran over a bicyclist, but the

situation is still under investigation,” said Capt. Bob Chaffee of

the CSUPD.

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