To the Editor:

Sep 162004

This is a response to J.P. Eichmiller’s article on Tuesday. Why

is it every time I pick up a Collegian paper I read an anti-Bush

article. As a paper you should hold your staff accountable for

responsible journalism. It is as though Eichmiller has not paid any

attention to the news in six months. He claims, as those still out

in left field do, that Bush misled the country and that he ignored

warnings about 9/11. I guess as a journalist you have not read a

single page of the 9/11 Commission report that you were so eagerly

awaiting. It states that more could have been done by the past and

current administrations, but primarily blames a breakdown in the

intelligence community for 9/11. Bush did not mislead the country;

British, French, German, Russian and world intelligence all told

Bush there were weapons of mass destruction. But you didn’t want to

hear any of that. WMDs, an intelligence failure and ties to

terrorism were the primary reasons we went to Iraq, not because we

thought the hijackers were from Iraq. Iraq did support Al-Qaida

training camps, as well as other terrorist organizations; that’s

not opinion, that’s a fact in any report. Iraq also violated its

treaty. The world gave it multiple chances to comply, it didn’t, so

we took action. Eichmiller, as well as other Bush bashers, ignore

all facts and only see the situation as they want to see it. The

Collegian does not seem to have a problem with this and that is


Zeb Smeester

Fort Collins resident

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