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Sep 162004
Authors: Collegian Editorail Staff

On Thursday, CSU President Larry Penley announced the temporary

suspension of alcohol sales at football games in Hughes


As an editorial staff we feel split by the decision that will

take away a long-standing privilege, but at the same time will

improve the community’s perception of our university amid negative


The decision serves as a proactive stance against alcohol abuse

and shields the university from appearing hypocritical as they have

assigned a new task force and would have allowed 5 percent beer to

be sold at games.

However, the alcohol abuse that we’ve seen this year has not

occurred at Hughes Stadium. Hughes is as safe a place as any to

drink. There are paramedics on standby and most college students

can’t afford to consume deadly amounts of $5 beers.

Banning alcohol at Hughes is not condemning alcohol consumption,

as this decision could encourage students to drink at other

locations before they enter the stadium. We fear we may see an

increase in drinking and driving if students are drinking before

they attend the game.

Although alcohol is banned from being sold in the stadium, it

will still be present at the tailgating parties that occur before

the game. The university hasn’t gotten rid of the problem. They

have only deterred it to a different place and time.

So, we are split.

Instituting an alcohol policy is dangerous without taking future

implications and responses into mind. The university needs to be

cautious when making these decisions. Rash reactions shouldn’t be

made, but we respect the university’s decision and believe it is

the best way to handle the current problems at the time being.

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