Only Our Opinions Matter

Sep 162004
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Topic 1: Things we like to get at ball games: fly balls,

popcorn, a glimpse of some sad couple on the kiss prompter, etc.

Not included in this list are bloody noses and fights with guys on

steroids. Jennifer Bueno got more than her fair share of action in

the Rangers-Athletics this past Monday. What should happen to this

guy, Frank Fransisco, the man who threw the chair?

Baker: She’s a trash talker, tough luck.

Bondy: You know, maybe the MLB should ban steroids. It looked

like this guy had some roid-rage.

Baker: Yeah, definitely. But he’s trained to throw stuff. He

probably can’t tell the difference between a ball and a chair.

Bondy: He needs to be suspended for the remainder of this season

and at least half of next year.

Baker: Maybe some anger management classes?

Topic 2: Somewhere out there (Oklahoma, Miami and others),

someone decided to allow college athletes to gain course credit for

playing football. What moron would make such a decision and how is

the NCAA allowing this to go on?

Bondy: At this rate, we might as well just start paying


Baker: Football players work hard between games and practice,

plus they bring in more money for universities than anything else.

Give them whatever they want.

Bondy: They already get free schooling and special privileges.

Football players, while in college, should be considered students

first, like the rest of us. As students, we don’t get free


Baker: I think we should start paying athletes to come here.

Bondy: That’s brilliant Paul.

Topic 3: Q and A Lightning Round

Bondy: Minnesota at CSU this Saturday. Final score?

Baker: 28-24 CSU

Baker: Same question.

Bondy: 37-14 Minnesota

Bondy: Best fantasy football player after week 1?

Baker: Little man Quentin Griffith.

Baker: Better burrito? Big City or Chipotle?

Bondy: Nothing beats potatoes in a burrito.

Bondy: Is cheerleading a sport?

Baker: Maybe to George Bush.

Bondy: Ouch!

Topic 4: Facing another Top-25 football team will present plenty

of challenges for the CSU football team this weekend. CSU running

backs are averaging 46 yards per game. The run defense is allowing

opponents 288 yards per game. If you played for CSU, which side of

the running game would you rather be on?

Baker: I’d be on defense because defense wins championships and

they get to hit people.

Bondy: I’d rather be a running back because they have the ball

and the control. Plus, what championships are we talking about?

Baker: Both sides are going to have to pick it up in order to

make my predictions right.

Bondy: Your predictions are terrible. By the way, good call on

the hockey lockout. Didn’t you say they would reach an


Baker: Anyways, put me in there, I’ll play some defense.

Bondy: It might be better to sit the bench than choosing between

those two options.

Closing statements and words to the wise:

Bondy and Baker: Get out to the game this weekend. Be loud, have

a good time and cheer on the Rams.

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