GLBTSS vandalized

Sep 162004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Eight letters were stolen from the sign outside Gay, Lesbian,

Bisexual, Transgender Student Services Wednesday night or early

Thursday morning.

The GLBTSS office, located on the main level of the Lory Student

Center, is now missing the first letter of each word, along with

the first three letters of “services,” transforming it into the

word “vices.” The student center opens at 6 a.m. and the letters

were noticed missing at about 7:30 a.m.

“We’re calling it a theft right now,” said Capt. Bob Chaffee of

the CSU Police Department. “We’ll obviously look at it as a hate


Members of the organization are disappointed in the CSU


“I expected better from (this) campus,” said Hadeis Safi, public

relations liaison for GLBTSS. “Actions like that are what pushes

people back in the closet.”

Kendra Wiig, a staff member at GLBTSS and senior speech

communications major, said anti-gay sentiment is not uncommon on


“It’s not the first time I’ve experienced anti-gay vandalism on

campus,” Wiig said. “You’d expect more out of people in a college

community. You’d think that we’ve all grown past that.”

This is not the first time vandalism has been a problem in the

student center. Letters were stolen from the El Centro Student

Services sign twice last semester.

Shirley Guitron, administrative assistant for El Centro, does

not think the letters were taken out of spite in either case.

“I don’t think it was anything malicious. If it was malicious I

think they would have ripped all the letters off,” Guitron said.

“There’s always somebody with too much time on their hands.”

The reasons for the vandalism to GLBTSS remain in question.

“We don’t know and we can’t say that it was based off of

homophobia,” Safi said. “It was obviously something relating to

hate, but we can’t be sure.”

The student center has staff present during all of their open

hours, but has minimal security.

“We have some surveillance in the building in critical areas,”

said Robert Peters, director of Business Services for the student

center. “Vandalism unfortunately does happen a lot more often than

we wish it did.”

After El Centro’s sign was vandalized they installed a Plexiglas

screen over the letters to protect them. GLBTSS plans to do the

same once they repair their sign.

It is unlikely that those responsible for the vandalism will be

caught, Safi said.

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