Sep 162004
Authors: Jesse McLain

Nineteen people were issued citations on Wednesday evening in

relation to the death of Samantha Spady, according to a press

release from Fort Collins Police Services.

Spady, 19, was found dead in the now terminated Sigma Pi

Fraternity, 709 Wagner Drive, on Sept. 5. Police suspect alcohol

may have been a factor in Spady’s death, although official autopsy

results have yet to be released.

Thirteen of the 19 people were issued citations for both

procuring liquor for person(s) under the age of 21, which is a

class 2 misdemeanor, and possession/consumption of ethyl alcohol by

an underage person, which is a class 2 petty offense. Those charged

include Craig Arguello, 19; Robert Agboyani, 19; Ashley Steranka,

19; Jason Max, 19; Colin Sharpe, 19; John (Bobby) Jennings, 19;

Travis Prott, 20; Kade Koenig, 20; Brenton Hoff, 20; Tyler Ley, 20;

Margaret Crider, 20; Baylor Ferrier, 20; and Robert Quinlan,


The additional six people who were issued citations were cited

for procuring liquor for person(s) under the age of 21, which is a

class 2 misdemeanor. Those charged include Sara Williams, 21;

Antonio Nolasco, 24; Kathyrn McBride, 21; Fredlina Solano, 22; Erin

Taylor, 21; and Bianca Pugh-Miller, 21.

“No further citations are expected,” according to the same press


A press conference will be held this morning at 9 a.m. with

further information concerning the investigation and citations.

For those who knew Samantha it is still difficult to confront

the death of a friend.

“I’m better now after going to the funeral,” said Edie Aberle, a

sophomore business administration major who said she has been able

to find some solace in the past few weeks. Aberle was Spady’s

roommate her freshman year in Westfall Hall and the two remained

friends after moving out of the residence halls.

Aberle feels Spady was responsible for her own actions the night

of her death.

“I don’t think anyone should be (found responsible) just because

we are all responsible for our own actions,” Aberle said.

However, reactions remain mixed as to who should be held

responsible for Spady’s death, or if anyone should be at all.

“I don’t know if you could hold anyone directly responsible, but

if there was somebody with her that night you’d think something

could have been done,” said Jordan Mitchell, a former CSU student

who now attends University of Colorado – Boulder.

Mitchell and Spady became friends after meeting in Westfall Hall

last year and remained close. For Mitchell, Spady’s death affects

him daily.

“I am definitely still dealing with it,” Mitchell said. “It is

hard to let it sink in.”

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