To the editor:

Sep 152004

I’m disturbed and saddened that somebody felt the need on Sept.

11, to abscond with my Lexar FlashDrive from the self-load station

at Morgan Library. Though not an expensive item, there were months

of work on some of the files, and about 20 physics papers that are

effectively $30 a pop. Not to mention my business records and

job-hunting tools such as resumes and cover letters.

I’m dismayed that somebody is so self-centered that they would

feel the need to steal such a lowly item. Would that perpetrator

appreciate it if somebody erased his or her thesis work from the

public directories, or stole their FlashDrive with important exam

notes on it?

I’ve never had this problem at CSU before, and I must say that I

find it odd that in a place where people are obviously moneyed, or

they wouldn’t be at CSU, that somebody has to stoop to thievery of

somebody’s equipment.

I would appreciate my equipment returned intact. If not, I’ll be

looking for it periodically, and if I see my equipment, the

perpetrator will be arrested and I will be looking for monetary

compensation for any lost files. Not only will there be judicial

liability, but as an electronics consultant and software developer,

I charge thirty dollars an hour, do excellent pro-se legal work,

and some files had hundreds of hours of work on them. Spending the

measly $40 at Wal-Mart is really the way to go, folks, rather than


Alfred P. Reaud

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