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Sep 152004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins was victim to the worst

vandalism in its history Thursday.

Nearly 100 gravestones were destroyed, along with 33 burial

vases and two city of Fort Collins truck windows.

While vandalism is never pardonable by any means, this one takes

the cake.

A grave is a sacred thing. It symbolizes someone’s last resting

place, a final home where people can visit memorials to loved ones.

To destroy something like this is not only disrespectful to the

people buried there, but also to everyone they knew throughout

their lives.

Someone has crossed the line. And they haven’t just stepped

gently over it; they have run full-force onto the other side.

What could they possibly have gotten out of it? Was it the sick

satisfaction of destroying something that matters to someone else?

Of pouring salt into someone’s wounds?

This behavior is obscene. It is disgusting. As a community, we

need to defend a higher standard. We need to uphold at least a

minimal morality.

Actions affect other people. Remember this when you’re out with

your friends. When something seems like a good idea, and you feel

invisible, remember what you do has an impact on the rest of our

community. Respect that.

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