Sep 152004
Authors: Julie Abiecunas

Sept. 14 marked the start of this semester’s graduate school and

career fairs, which were held in the upper ballroom of the Lory

Student Center.

The fairs are designed to give students an idea of what they

want to do after they finish their degree at CSU.

Over 150 companies and 81 graduate school programs have

presentation tables over the course of the event.

Before students attend the fair they should go online and

research companies and programs they’re interested in, so they’ll

be able to strike up a good conversation with future employers and

colleges at the fair, said Ann Malen, director of the Career


“It’s good to talk to employers and see what it’s actually like

to work at their company and what the corporate climate is there,”

Malen said.

The event typically draws between 3,500 and 7,000 students over

the course of the three days, and most students feel attending is

worth their while.

“It’s so convenient. It’s right on campus, so there really is no

reason not to go,” said Crystal Thomas, a senior health and

exercise science major.

Malen agreed.

“It allows students to explore a broad range of employment

types. It’s a great way to meet employers and to start making those

kinds of contacts,” she said.

Along with schools from around the nation, CSU also had a

variety of graduate tables at the event including the liberal arts,

engineering and agricultural sciences colleges.

Mike Simmons, former CSU student and speech communications

lecturer, headed up the CSU liberal arts graduate program table at

the event.

“It’s important that we’re a part of everything and that we

represent ourselves as a force in the university,” Simmons


The liberal arts graduate program is the largest graduate

program at CSU.

Some of the major companies that attended the event include

Microsoft, Mervyn’s, Target and Xcel Energy.

Malen emphasizes the importance of making contacts at a fair

such as this.

“When you make initial contacts and meet the recruiter, it is

something that over time can lead to a job shadow, an internship

and then possibly a job,” Malen said.

Today is the last day of the career fair. It will go from 9:30

a.m. to 3 p.m. in the LSC Main Ballroom.

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