Sep 152004
Authors: Sarah Fallik

What do bowling shoes, men’s sailor hats, corsets, black vinyl

pants and blue Dr. Martins have in common?

They are some of the many unique, yet stylish articles of

clothing residing in the new Buffalo Exchange, 649 S. College


As a person walks into the store, the competition for attention

becomes apparent between the loud, unusual clothing and the loud,

unique music.

“The music that we play brings out the personality of the

store,” said Chelse Oakley, Buffalo Exchange’s manager. “Music and

fashion go hand in hand.”

Buffalo Exchange is a clothing store that buys and sells new and

used fashions. Two Buffalo Exchange stores are already established

in Colorado, located in Denver and Boulder. The Fort Collins

location opened its doors for business Aug. 21.

Buffalo Exchange is a clothing store chain started in Tucson,

Ariz., by two environmentally conscious entrepreneurs. According to

the Buffalo Exchange Web site, 6 percent of landfills are clothing.

Reusing and recycling clothing helps to protect the environment

from further damage.

“I think we fit into this community because it is really

environmentally conscious,” said Kathy Plache, Buffalo Exchange’s


Although Buffalo Exchange offers a large variety of clothing,

ranging in style from conservative to Goth, it is the wild, funky

clothing styles that seem to stand out the most.

“Most of the clothes I wouldn’t even buy unless it was for a

Halloween costume,” said Robyn Myers, a first-time shopper at

Buffalo Exchange.

A wide variety of men’s and women’s accessories, shoes, hats,

belts, ties, shorts, shirts, pants and more can be found at Buffalo

Exchange. The lively, vibrantly colored articles of clothing are

what seem to set the Buffalo Exchange apart from other clothing


“I thought it was really different, really cute when I first

walked in,” said Michele Carter, sophomore wildlife biology major,

(senior journalism) “There’s really good prices and a good variety

of clothes.”

Buffalo Exchange buys clothes for resale every day and receives

a shipment of brand-new merchandise once a week.

Each Buffalo Exchange location has a diverse clothing selection

because each store obtains its merchandise directly from the

community. Right now, most of the clothing for sale in the Fort

Collins Buffalo Exchange is from the Boulder and Denver stores, but

eventually the merchandise will be unique to Fort Collins.

“We’re buying from the public,” Oakley said. “Therefore we’re

going to represent what the people are wearing.”

For the many college students who may not have room in their

miniscule budgets for new clothing, Buffalo Exchange offers

customers who sell their used clothing 50 percent of the clothing

value for in-store credit or 30 percent of the clothing value in


“It’s better for people to recycle their clothes than to throw

them away,” said Heather Morgan, a sophomore psychology major.

For those who wish to sell some of their old fashions, Buffalo

Exchange looks for contemporary and vintage clothing in excellent

condition. At the moment, the store is also looking for Halloween


Prices tend to run anywhere from $5 shirts to $120 vintage


“If you want to get some new clothes or need extra cash, just

dig through your closet,” said Amanda Johnson, a Buffalo Exchange


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