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Sep 152004
Authors: Ann Marie Stecker

There is nothing better than a huge, messy and delicious burrito

straight from Ma and Pop’s kitchen. That is exactly what the

citizens of Fort Collins get when they sink their teeth into a

creation from Big City Burrito.

Big City Burrito, 510 S. College Ave., was the brainchild of

owners Howard and Laurie Cadwell. The couple had the idea for a

California-style burrito shop and brought recipes for both food and

success to Fort Collins, according to assistant manager Luke


“It’s nice to be local – locally owned, local employees … we

work hard to try and make everything as fresh and friendly as

possible,” Burhenn said. “Nothing is microwaved and nothing is


Although the crowded shop is small, it has been around for 10

years. Most all the recipes are original, and are results of

collaborations between Laurie Cadwell and head chef Lupe


Chavira, who moved to Colorado 11 years ago from Mexico, makes

all the salsas and Big City’s famous Chicken Mole right in the

restaurant, with not a single recipe book to be found. Chavira, who

grew up cooking with her mother, does it all by memory. And most

customers say it comes out perfect every time.

In addition to a line out the door on most days, evidence of Big

City Burrito’s success lies in its franchises, open in both

Loveland and Windsor.

Some of the most popular burritos are the Potato Burrito and the

Chicken Mole Burrito, Burhenn said. The potatoes are fresh and

fried with Big City’s own seasonings, and a hefty squirt of ranch

adds some extra zest.

The food is put together assembly-line style right in front of

the customer, so burritos are guaranteed fresh and quick. Every

year over the Christmas holiday, Big City closes to let employees

go home to friends and family. During this year’s break, Big City’s

building will be remodeled.

“This place used to be a barber shop with a little office in

back,” Burhenn said.

After the renovations, the kitchen will be bigger and be

designed more like a restaurant.

Even if it still just a tiny shop, rain or shine, Big City

Burrito always makes the perfect local meal.

More menu details can be found online, at

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