Zetye: How rude of you

Sep 142004
Authors: Katie Wyer

How rude of you! To insult those who believe that there is more

to winning freedom than going to war. How is it that so many think

that it is the Liberal cynics who march the streets asking for

peace that are the enemy; in all those countries you speak of are

our troops not considered the enemy? It has been the American

foreign policy for far too long to decide it is our men and our

sacrifice that needs to be the Conflict Manager for the rest of the


How can you allow yourself to see through such a small spectrum?

Our politicians that are in office today are sending our armed

forces out to the aid of the world, and they are sending young men

and women to their deaths. It is absurd and irrational to accuse

all Americans of living sheltered lives; in fact it is insulting.

Look around your own country, your blessed country of freedom and

glory. The glorious lives you speak of do not make up the mass


Before you attack the dignity of the American, look around. Look

into our country’s cities and into their ghettos. Look into the

poverty rates and the number of children who go hungry in America

everyday. Look at the homeless who walk the desolate streets at

night. Look at the families where abuse is custom and lives are

threatened. We do not have to leave our country to see poverty,

abuse and wrongdoings. Warlords are our own criminals. Crime and

murder are commonplace among our citizens. Maybe it is this

government you signed your life to who needs to look first at the

crisis’ Americans deal with day to day as well.

Suspend your insults on your fellow Americans that you imply are

insensitive and weak. It is not the mass public of whom you are

attacking that is against foreign aid. The average person, and yes

Liberals too, care deeply about what is going on in countries

outside of our own. Maybe we are just sick of the solutions the

military decides on. What good is it to drop bombs and start wars?

How do you expect nationalism to come from that? It is not selfish

of the mothers who want their sons safe. It is not selfish of

Americans to want to better their own country first. It is not

selfish of the commoner, who lives a life of simplicity, to try and

make it for him or herself. It is rude of you to attack them.

Before you write your extreme opinion next time with the goal of

offending the average American, look around your own country. Count

the death tolls; count the numbers of lives lost everyday fighting

these things that are not controllable by our military alone. Stop

and think, refrain from the accusations and keep your rudeness in


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