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Sep 142004
Authors: Collegian Editoral Staff

A task force is being assembled to address issues of alcohol and

substance abuse at CSU.

The task force, led by Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, will examine issues

such as binge drinking, underage drinking, the fraternity and

sorority systems and the overall culture of CSU. The task force

will be asked to provide a report and recommendations to CSU

President Larry Penley regarding these issues.

Although recent events within the CSU community, such as

sophomore Samantha Spady’s death and the riots on Aug. 21 and 22,

have been tragic, they are isolated incidences.

These events are not indicative of the CSU community as a


We ask the task force to keep this in mind, as they look further

into the issue. Alcohol use is part of some students’ lives and its

use is common in many activities around college campuses.

Several reforms have been made since Spady’s death including the

removal of the Sigma Pi fraternity from campus and the vote made by

presidents of all fraternities and sororities on campus to ban

alcohol at all Greek houses.

With all of the changes, we hope that the task force won’t make

any rash decisions based on the recent tragedies without taking CSU

as a whole community into consideration first.

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