Sep 142004
Authors: Ben Bleckley

CSU students now have the option of paying approximately $20 a

year to power their residence with wind energy. That price has been

cut in half since last year. The Platt River Power Authority was

able to buy its wind power from another provider at a reduced

price, passing the savings on to customers.

But for college students, $20 can be a good deal of money. That

is a week of groceries. A tank of gas. A month of cable television.

An affordable date on the town. That is a lot of money for the

average college student to scrounge together.

Yet, when each student burns approximately 2,000 pounds of coal

in power plants a year, emitting three tons of carbon dioxide, it

almost makes the extra cost worthwhile. If every student used wind

power, it would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 75,000 tons.

Renewable energy will soon become a highly sought after

commodity. The price of natural gas is rising rapidly, while the

price of renewable energy is falling.

And a Colorado Amendment on the ballot this November, if passed,

would require all Colorado power providers to get 10 percent of

their energy from renewable resources by 2015.

It is time to jump on the tree-hugging,

bake-mother-nature-some-brownies bandwagon. Here are some ideas as

how to come up with the extra $20.

Ride your bike

There’s no better way to lose a few pounds, get some exercise,

reduce the amount of carbon monoxide your car puts in the air every

day and save money on gas. Oil up that chain and use one of the

city’s bike trails. There are lanes down Shields Street, Remington

Street, Stuart Street, Lemay Avenue, Taft Hill Road, Drake Road and

Elizabeth Street. Just wear a helmet.

Forget Cable

There is too much crap on TV anyway. You’ll have more time for

school work and that girlfriend of yours. Soon you’ll have a 4.0

and she’ll think you’re so sensitive that you’ll get married after

graduation and live happily ever after.

Mmmm . . . Ramen

For those of you who have enough money to eat chicken stir-fry

three nights a week, you have enough money to buy wind power. Mac

and cheese is 50 cents a box when you buy generic and Top Ramen is

running at $5 for an economy pack.

Take up a donation

Find a really big jar and put a hole in the top. Every time a

friend visits try to guilt them into donating his or her spare

change. Take the jar to keggers and don’t let any people in until

you get their loose quarters.

Forget the beverages

Soda is delicious, but expensive. Don’t drink any for a month,

ditto on the beer.

As anyone can see, with a little personal sacrifice, you too can

harness the awesome power of the winds. And how cool would it be if

you could tell houseguests and cute waiters/waitresses that your

lights are wind powered.

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