Sep 142004
Authors: Julie Abiecunas

Today kicks off the month-long campaign for Cans Around the

Oval, a program designed to collect cans of food, money and raise

awareness about hunger in Larimer County.

This year marks the 17th annual Cans Around the Oval. The

program collected more than 86,000 pounds of food last year, a

record they hope to break this year, said coordinator Kristen Reed,

a senior speech communications major.

The food and money raised last year was able to keep the Larimer

County Food Bank stocked for four months.

Ashley Withington, a senior landscape architecture major, said

many people do not realize what a need there is for food in Larimer

County and Northern Colorado.

“There’s a huge issue with hunger. The food bank distributes to

over 100 agencies, including soup kitchens. Lots of people use it

who you wouldn’t think would,” Withington said.

Jessica Goldberger, a volunteer and senior environmental health

major, said the recent economic downturn has only increased the

need for food in Larimer County.

“Many people aren’t as fortunate now and it’s up to us to step

up and do our part to help them out,” Goldberger said.

Cans Around the Oval is supported by local businesses, including

Spoons Soups and Salads, 1118 W. Elizabeth and 172 N. College


On Sept. 15, from 2 to 8 p.m., in a program called My Can

Runneth Over, Spoons will donate all of its profits to the food

donation project.

Students responded well to the program last year.

“It was very very successful. We actually sold out of soup at

closing,” said Spoons owner Martin Dickey. “We anticipate a very

busy day this year.”

Last year Spoons raised a total of $2,500 for Cans Around the


Dickey feels privileged to be able to do his part for the


“Many of us are a very short distance away from having the needs

and services of a food bank. We’re blessed not to, but you never

know,” Dickey said. “When we learned about Cans Around the Oval we

thought it was a great way to support Larimer County and the


Goldberger encourages students to get involved and come help

paint cans today on the Lory Student Center Plaza from 10 a.m. to 3

p.m. to raise awareness for the program. The cans are 3-feet-tall

and will be made to resemble food products.

Coordinators of Cans Around the Oval encourage students to step

up and do their part for Larimer County.

“It’s good to know what’s going on in the community and to be an

active member,” Withington said. “It doesn’t take that much time

and is a great way to give back.”

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