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Authors: Anne Farrell

Based on Life Theatre wants to make sure CSU students are aware

of current health issues.

BOLT is a peer group that presents lifestyle behavior issues

through drama.

According to the group’s Web site,, BOLT’s mission is to raise

awareness on CSU’s campus and in the Fort Collins community about

vital health and social issues, using dramatic performance as an

education method.

Hartshorn Health Service has sponsored BOLT since 1992, said Deb

Morris, director of health education at Hartshorn. For the last 12

years the group has presented many topics, from drug and alcohol

use to civility and sexuality. The actors use both written scripts

and improvisation to get to the bottom of an issue.

Because of the sensitivity of the topics discussed, BOLT

provides an outreach method to both its audience and its


“People who watch the show often comment that the performances

help them to recognize and sometimes change their preconceived

ideas about certain groups of people,” said Frances Southwick, BOLT

coordinator and a three-year member.

New members are gathered each year on a voluntary basis. The

group size is generally 10 to 12 people. Any interested students

are invited to join the team.

BOLT has performed at diversity programs, health-promotion

events, residence halls, Greek houses, conferences and


Meetings are Monday nights at 7 p.m. at the health center.

Participation requires one to two hours of practice each week, in

addition to scheduled performances. The amount of time spent

performing changes with the season but generally hits its peak at

mid-semester with about one performance a week.

For Erica Romero, a freshman chemistry major, the performances

seem interesting, but she said she would be more interested in

attending small group shows rather than visiting larger venues.

“If there’s an announcement, (the residence hall is) where

people will see it,” Romero said.

Breakout: Any interested groups may request a performance by

e-mailing or by calling 491-1702. Performances

vary in length from 15 minutes to two hours and include audience


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