Sep 122004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Ryan Hewitt, played by Chris Evans who also starred in “Not

Another Teen Movie,” gets a call on his cell phone while running

some errands. On the other line is a panicked Jessica Martin,

played by Kim Basinger, who says she has just been kidnapped and is

using a smashed phone from the attic she is being held in and

Ryan’s phone is the only line with which she could connect.

Ryan is suspicious of Jessica at first, with her pleas for help,

but eventually agrees to help her and to get the police involved.

From this point forward Ryan traverses the city in an attempt to

save Jessica and her family.

The action in “Cellular” begins immediately, almost before you

can get annoyed with Ryan talking about his new cell phone. From

the time Ryan gets the phone call from Jessica, until the end of

the movie, the action keeps going. The audience even gets treated

to a deepening and unpredictable plot, a rarity in most action


Another treat in the movie is Officer Mooney, played by William

H. Macy. Mooney takes it upon himself to investigate Jessica after

Ryan brings the phone to the police station and he talks with


Macy makes wonderfully believable performances in all his

movies. This one is no exception.

Basinger and Evans play well off of each other. After

recognizing Evans, his acting makes it easy to forget his slapstick

role in “Not Another Teen Movie”.

Most of the scenes in the movie are of high speed driving or car

chases. This makes the movie fun to watch. During and in between

the chasing scenes there is enough dialogue to explain what is

happening and keep the story moving.

Judging by the previews “Cellular” looked like a bad movie, but

that was not the case. Going into the movie with low expectations,

“Cellular” is pleasantly surprising, as it was actually a good


“Cellular” is a tense movie with big name actors and an ending

that’s not expected. Despite the weird premise, “Cellular” is fun

and sure to keep your attention.

Two and one half out of four

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