To the Editor,

Sep 092004

As a friend of Sam Spady, I think it is important that during this emotional time we remember not the tragic way her life ended, or the rumors surrounding the circumstances, but rather the enlightening way in which Sam did live her life.

Sam was a loyal, real, talented and inspiring young woman, who loved her friends and family with her whole heart. She will be missed dearly, but never forgotten because she touched so many lives. I hope this remains the impression we all have of Sam, and also that we all support her friends and family throughout their grieving.

I would also like to add a comment in regard to the column “Only real friends will save you.” Maybe it is because I am very close with Sam’s friends, or because I saw the hundreds of students who were touched by Sam at her candlelight vigil, but I could not be more upset at the assumption made by the editors.

While I do believe the friends of the ‘car surfer’ to be cowardly, I think the only accurate description of Sam’s friends is incredible and loyal. To even place that guilt upon these people in a time like is appalling, and I hope that no one ever second guesses that fact.

Thank you very much.

Kelly Hagenah

Senior: Speech Communication

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