Sep 092004
Authors: Ryan Riggen

The university continues to investigate the riots that took place the weekend before classes began. So far seven students have been suspended from the university and 15 others were placed on probation after judicial hearings regarding the riots that occurred on Aug. 21 and 22.

Two other students were given warnings and a CSU fraternity chapter, Delta Sigma Phi, was placed on probation by its international organization.

“The investigation is ongoing,” said Brad Bohlander, CSU spokesman.

Bohlander also said that as of yet, no other students are facing disciplinary action but there is a possibility others could face discipline as the investigation continues.

According to Linda Kuk, vice president of Student Affairs, investigations have slowed this weekend because of the tragic death of a CSU student over the weekend.

“A few more cases will be dealt with in the next few days,” Kuk said. “The first wave (of investigations) was taken care of.”

Those involved in the riots will also face charges brought from outside the university.

“Those involved will be charged criminally,” said Rita Davis, Fort Collins Police Services spokeswoman. “It will work through the judicial system.”

The seven students suspended were removed from CSU for one year, after which they may reapply, but are not guaranteed admission to the university. The students must meet several conditions set by the institution before they are eligible to reapply.

According to a university press release, the students placed on probation must complete drug and alcohol assessments as well as workshops regarding civic responsibility, ethics, city ordinances and community expectations.

The university, along with the Fort Collins Police, continues to investigate video footage taken during the riots and further disciplinary action may develop as a result.

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