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Sep 092004
Authors: Scott Bondy, Paul Baker

Topic 1: After last Saturday’s heartbreaking loss to those lucky CU Buffs, CSU now faces two more tough games. What is to come of the rest of the football season?

Baker: Look for CSU to go 1-1 in the next couple of games. Then it’s smooth sailing to a bowl game.

Bondy: The ride looks smoother to another “toilet bowl” a.k.a. the San Francisco Diamond Walnut Bowl now called the Emerald Bowl.

Baker: If Holland has another game like Saturday’s, he gets my vote for the Heisman.

Bondy: Good thing you don’t get a vote. I’m jumping on the Holland bandwagon too, but we still need a running game.

Topic 2: Does anybody realize that Major League Baseball is still going on? Well, it is. Barry Bonds is two home runs shy of 700 and the Yankees are cheating their way through another season (trying to ask for a forfeit). The Wild Card races are heating up as October approaches. Right now Boston and Chicago are the Wild Card leaders. Who has the better chance of breaking their respective curses this year?

Bondy: The Red Sox will do it. I heard from a very reliable source that Manny Ramirez hit a home run and it nailed a little girl in the face. It wasn’t confirmed that she was a Yankees fan, but rumor has it the curse is lifted.

Baker: You’re wrong on this one. The Cubs got it this year, as long as there are no fans to get in the way.

Bondy: Oh yeah, you’re always right Paul, blame it on the fans.

Baker: Darn right.

Topic 3: Q & A Lightening Round

Baker: Will the Broncos make the playoffs?

Bondy: Not a chance!

Bondy: Will Quentin Griffin rush for 1,000 yards this season?

Baker: Who doesn’t when they’re a Bronco?

Baker: CSU, win, lose, or draw versus USC?

Bondy: USC by 41.

Bondy: Will there be an NHL season this year?

Baker: Yes, there’s too much fan interest. They’ll find a way because of the money.

Baker: Who is the better athlete? Kerry or Bush?

Bondy: Bush was a cheerleader. The nod goes to Kerry.

Topic 4: The NFL season begins this weekend. New England sits atop the power rankings but as we all know, anything can happen and anyone could win it all.

Bondy: I’m picking Indianapolis this year. Peyton Manning is way overdue for a championship and he’ll show why he was co-MVP last season.

Baker: Philly has upgraded an already potent team on both sides of the ball. With Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse and former CSU great Dexter Wynn as backup cornerback, they should be unstoppable.

Bondy: As long as the Broncos don’t win it, I’m happy.

Baker: Why do you gotta hate on them?

Closing statements and word to the wise:

Baker: When are we gonna start the ‘Holland for Heisman’ campaign?

Bondy: Dave Anderson gets my vote. Does he drop anything?

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