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Sep 092004
Authors: Collegian sports staff

After we all overshot our predictions last week, being a little optimistic, but not entirely off, here is what the Collegian sports staff thinks will happen when CSU heads to Los Angeles to face the No. 1 Southern California Trojans.

Paul Baker (0-0)

USC 37 CSU 34

A shootout between two great passing teams, but the No. 1 team in the land will be too good in the end.

Scott Bondy (0-0)

USC 49 CSU 10

Too much talent, athleticism and experience for CSU to handle. No. 1 is a lot to argue against.

Preston Cagle (0-1)

USC 35 CSU 17

A good experience against a tough team for CSU, USC has too many weapons on both sides of the ball for them to overcome, but the game will not be as lopsided as most people think.

Bobby Fernandez (0-1)

CSU 34 USC 31

CSU will find a way to pull off the biggest upset in school history over the defending co-National Champions as quarterback Justin Holland and wide receiver David Anderson once again have huge games, and this time there is no last-second blunder.

Justin Goldman (0-1)

CSU 21 USC 17

David Anderson continues making big catches; Gartrell Johnston makes a few surprising runs and Upset City, ahoy!

Stephanie Lindberg (0-1)

USC 35 CSU 21

USC will prove they are the best team in the nation, but the Rammies will put in a valiant effort.

Joelle Milholm (0-1)

USC 31 CSU 24

CSU’s offensive aerial game will keep it close, but Reggie Bush will rush for more yards than Bobby Purify did last week and the Trojans will stay at No. 1.

Jon Pilsner (0-1)

USC 41 CSU 28

Holland will have another great game, but USC is just too good.

Nate Ramos (0-0)

USC 41 CSU 20

USC has a great defense and offense and will take advantage of CSU’s run defense and will air it out every now and then.

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