The Asher Kahn Band

Sep 082004
Authors: Anna Welle

Among an industry struggling with piracy, a little-known Philadelphia band is emerging as Robin Hood.

The Asher Kahn Band has paired up with the American Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research through digital musical downloads.

The self-described “Ben Harper meets indie rock’ trio,” collaborated with a number of Internet music providers to donate $1 every time their song “We Get By” is purchased online.

“Deal is, you can probably download our song for free,” said the Asher Kahn Band in an e-mail interview. “But, do what you like. We want to generate money to save lives.”

The band is struggling to break out to a wider audience. While free concerts, radio play and digital downloads are some of the best ways to gain recognition, this group has “always dreamed of using our music for a greater purpose,” said frontman Asher Kahn.

After learning about the venture, junior human development family studies major Katie Donnelly plans on supporting both the band and cancer research.

“It benefits the band too,” said Donnelly. “People can download the music and hear the band’s sound. If they like it they can go out and buy their entire album.”

The project “Down With Disease: Download for the Cure” is completely grassroots and relying on word of mouth to be a success.

Anyone interested in the music or supporting cancer research can log onto the iTunes, Napster or Audio Lunchbox Web sites and search for the “Asher Kahn Band.”

The song “I Get By” costs 99 cents and the entire amount is given to the American Cancer Society.

With so many worthy causes to get involved with, the band chose ACS because their close friend Divine Loraine has cancer.

“His positivity through chemotherapy and his sense of hope and never feeling sorry for himself was a true inspiration,” the band said. “It made us want to give to a place that could help people like him.”

With over 220 downloads to date, the band has an over-all goal of 2,000 downloads by Dec. 31.

Not only are the three Pennsylvania State University musicians enthusiastic about their philanthropic project, but other bands have shown interest as well.

“If and when we all feel that it is headed in the right direction, the ACS will discuss opening it up to other bands,” the band said.

Anyone interested in contributing to the fight against cancer and scoring some new music can log on to

CSU students are willing to get involved as well.

“I normally download music and would be more inclined (to download this song) because it supports a worthy cause,” said Alex Leonard, a psychology major.

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