Sep 082004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Samantha Spady’s death is a tragedy. The conditions surrounding the unidentified victim of the “car surfing” accident are a tragedy.

When journalists cover issues such as these they walk a fine line. While it may be easier at times to view the media negatively, especially in situations where their presence is at the very least annoying, one should remember that what the media does for the public is often taken for granted.

It is horrible that photographers had to take photos of those mourning for Samantha Spady. It is horrible that reporters were digging for quotes from grieving friends. But it is the media’s duty to report a story, to get the facts and to attempt to prevent another senseless tragedy.

Covering Samantha Spady’s death was not sensationalism; it was journalism. Sometimes it is the media’s job to be impolite in order to get the facts to the public. Sometimes being insensitive can save lives.

If no media outlet covered the unidentified car surfing victim, it would be nearly impossible to reach the woman’s loved ones or anyone who might have any information concerning her accident.

Once again, as a media outlet it is our responsibility to educate and inform the public and hopefully stop another senseless tragedy.

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