Sep 082004

Thanks to Ryan Riggen for a fair and balanced article on our local Green Party in the September 7 issue. Unlike the Collegian, many media outlets continue to pretend there are only two political parties in America, thereby restricting people’s freedom of information and needlessly constricting our democratic choices.

I did want to correct a couple of small errors in the article, probably caused by communications problems from doing a cell phone interview. Our presidential and vice presidential candidates are focusing on the NON-swing states so as to raise critical issues and pressure John Kerry from the left without inadvertently electing King George. We actually have four, not five, county commissioner candidates this year in Colorado (my error). Finally, the time of our Sept. 16 meeting at Woody’s Woodfired Pizza and Watering Hole is 7 p.m. Anyone interested in hearing Congressional candidate Bob Kinsey or helping build a grassroots, truly progressive political party, is welcome to come.

Eric Fried

Poudre Valley Green Party

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