Dear Editor

Sep 082004

It is not ironic but sad that just last Thursday the Collegian ran a photo on page 2 with the caption “From the past: Things never change,” which featured a man grasping a toilet who was obviously throwing up as a result of drinking too much alcohol. The photo was from the 1973 Silver Spruce yearbook. Thirty-one years later Samantha Spady’s body is found dead from the (presumed) over consumption of alcohol at the Sigma Pi fraternity house. While partying will always be a part of the college lifestyle, students should take this tragedy as a reality check and think about why they are going to school at CSU. For a month earlier this year we dropped all flags to half-mast on campus in honor of the death of Ronald Reagan. I challenge everyone to not drink for a week in honor of Samantha.

Alex Paozols

CSU Alumnus

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