Sep 072004
Authors: J.J. Babb

An unidentified woman remains in critical condition at Poudre Valley Hospital Tuesday after a vehicle-pedestrian accident on Monday.

The woman is described as a Caucasian female, approximately 20 years old, 5 feet 5 inches, with brown hair and eyes, slender build and weighing 110 to125 pounds with no distinguishing marks or features. The woman’s name is unknown, although she may have the possible first name of Shaylynn, according to Fort Collins Police Services.

“We really don’t know who she is,” said Gary Kimsey, spokesman for PVH.

The woman fell from a car in the 600 block of Smith Street in Fort Collins while attempting to “car surf,” according to information witnesses provided to police officers.

When emergency vehicles arrived on the scene they found “a female laying in the middle of the street, bleeding profusely from the head, unconscious and barely breathing,” stated a news release from FCPS.

She was taken to PVH at about 6:30 p.m. Monday with head injuries.

“Car surfing is when people ride on top of a car standing up or kneeling while it’s moving,” said Rita Davis, public information officer for FCPS.

This is the first case of car surfing reported in Fort Collins, although it happens all over the nation, Davis said.

Witnesses said the driver and a second passenger in the vehicle on which the woman was riding asked people in the area to call 911 and then drove away, according to the news release.

The vehicle is described as a silver- or champagne-colored, four-door Buick leSabre with Wyoming plates. Both occupants in the vehicle are described as Caucasian females, 20 to 25 years old. One has blonde hair, and it is unknown if she was the driver or passenger of the vehicle. The vehicle was last seen heading east on Laurel Street from Smith Street.

“We want anyone who knows the lady to either call the police or the hospital,” Kimsey said. “It is critical we get ahold of her parents or guardians because she is in critical condition.”

It is unknown whether the woman is a CSU student.

“We’re suspecting she may be a student because it was in a student area, but that doesn’t mean she is a student,” Kimsey said.

Kimsey encourages everyone to take identification when leaving their homes in case of injury.

Anyone with information on the victim or the other parties involved in this accident are asked to call the FCPS at 221-6540 or PVH at 495-8020.

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