To the Editor:

Sep 072004

The column on Sept. 2, by Joe Marshall entitled, “The Passion of the Right – Righteous conservative ideology lacks ‘compassion,'” caught my attention.

Mr. Marshall indicated that, “It is the tendency of conservatives to push a ‘moral’ agenda upon the whole of America that drives me to cite a lack of compassion within Republican ideology.” Interesting? The conservatives I know are deeply concerned with preserving that which is held near and dear by the vast majority of citizens.

It is the Left, along with activist judges, who are set on pushing moral agendas. It was not the conservatives who pushed abortion onto our society nor did they instigate the ignoble notion of gay marriage. These are liberal pushes. I encourage Mr. Marshall to be a bit more observant as to who is trying to force what on whom.

The insinuation that conservatives cannot be compassionate because they stand against abortion is skewed. A liberal can weep at the death of an infant dolphin, turn around and enter a “clinic” and have her own child killed. I find the lack of consistency in their compassion amazing.

Conservative Christians demonstrate compassion for women with crisis pregnancies by providing caring support and counsel through crisis pregnancy centers. Plus, they show compassion for the unborn by desiring that they be protected & cherished.

Duane Trimble

Loveland, CO

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