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Sep 072004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Tuesday a woman lay unconscious and alone in critical condition at Poudre Valley Hospital.

The community is also mourning the death of Samantha Spady after she was found dead and alone in an unused room of the Sigma Pi fraternity on Sunday.

This recent trend of leaving friends behind in dangerous situations and not taking responsibility for your actions scares us.

The unidentified female fell off a car on Monday evening while car surfing, an activity where an individual stands or kneels on top of a car while it is moving.

After the victim fell, her friends asked people in the area to call 911 and then drove off. When emergency vehicles arrived on scene the woman was bleeding from the head, unconscious and barely breathing.

Now she lies alone in the hospital.

Since she carried no identification, her friends should have at the very least contacted authorities to let them know who she is. At this time her parents have no way of knowing that their daughter is in critical condition or even where she is.

We hope that she will recover quickly, but the fact is that when she wakes up she will still wonder why her friends left her alone in the middle of the street when she was close to death.

With alcohol suspected as the cause of Spady’s death, just one person taking the initiative to call the police could have saved her life.

It saddens us to know that both women were alone because their friends didn’t have the courage to stand by them. So, whatever the situation or the consequences, remember that you have the responsibility and power to decide between life and death.

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