Sep 072004
Authors: James Baetke

The Sigma Pi fraternity national headquarters has suspended its CSU chapter in lieu of an investigation surrounding a CSU student’s death at the house over the weekend.

Police responded to a call Sunday night at the Sigma Pi fraternity house, 709 Wagner Drive, where a female CSU student, Samantha Spady of Beatrice, Neb., was found dead in an unused room.

Mark Briscoe, executive director for the national Sigma Pi organization, flew in from Tennessee on Tuesday to offer his condolences and to survey the situation in person.

“I’m here to be here with them the next couple days, to meet the brothers, to talk to them and find out what was going on and make sure that we’re cooperating with the authorities that are doing their investigations … so that we can help them along with that,” Briscoe told Campus Television.

Anne Hudgens, executive director for Campus Life, said the move to suspend the fraternity is not uncommon considering an investigation of this magnitude is still underway.

“Sigma Pi has temporarily suspended the house pending the investigation by their national chapter. It is a pretty standard procedure to have a national charter seize fraternity functions during an investigation,” Hudgens said.

CSU is waiting for the complete results from the investigation to draw any conclusions about Spady’s death. In the worst-case scenario, if the fraternity is found of any wrongdoing in the police investigation, CSU could withdraw Sigma Pi from university recognition.

According to Hudgens, Briscoe met directly with her and university officials to offer his support.

“(Briscoe) expressed his concern, shock and grief with the loss with one of our students,” Hudgens said.

Hudgens said one of the university’s main roles is to give support to the family and friends who grieve over Spady’s death.

Counselors have been ready since the discovery of Spady’s body, and Hudgens said the day after her death the university primarily dealt with supporting the campus and community.

“The University Counseling Center has been outstanding in providing help to what our students need,” said Yvonne Paez, CSU Police Department public information officer.

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